Loyalty is Rare, even in your own backyard.


With The jusNation ,Social Media Influencer jusRyan is from Seattle, Washington. Bringing His Style of  Live Streaming. Breaking out with over 1.7 million hits on Soundcloud and 5.5 Million On younow broadcasting. jusRyan is one of the most outspoken Influencers on Social media.  JusRyan "The Brand" is Revolutionizing Live Streaming Day after Day with Content On YouNow. With doing his Morning podcast/Video Show, He's Expressing his views And commentary about social Media Influencers and Around the world Hot Topics. TUNE IN every morning 10am pacific time/ 1pm eastern time. Now getting Ready to release the Start of the Clothing Brand "JusRYAN", Theres No telling what may come from it. The Brand "jusRyan" is more then just himself, its his fans and supporters Vision also. #jusNATION is his Support system and process in making a name for himself. Enjoy the ride, and explore his WORLD.